Get It Prepaid MasterCard® FAQs

For what kind of consumer is the Advent product ideally designed?

The Get It Card is ideal for anyone who:

  • does not want to or cannot open a traditional bank account due to prior overdrafts, CHEX systems issues, etc.
  • is using check cashers to cash tax refund, government or payroll checks.
  • has a savings account but wants the flexibility and convenience of making purchases, managing their spending and helping them budget better by using their Get It Card without the worry of incurring overdraft charges.

What fees are associated with the Get It Card?

Click to view our Fee Schedule.

How does a customer sign up for direct deposit?

It’s easy! A pre-printed direct deposit enrollment form is provided with every new Get It Card. Clients can also simply give their employer the routing number and account number of their Get It Card account to process payroll deposits.

What IDs are required to open an account?

The Get It Prepaid MasterCard can be opened with many forms of identification. We adhere to the USA PATRIOT Act requirements. Generally, one form of government issued picture ID or two forms of other ID (prior year return, ITIN, Matricula Consular, etc.) are all that is required. A driver’s license is an acceptable form of ID but is not required1.

Can my client get a card without an SSN or ITIN?

No. The client must have an SSN or ITIN and must be able to provide sufficient identification in association with applicable banking regulations. Our systems will guide you through the entire process.

Can my client get a personalized card?

Yes. Instructions for requesting a personalized card are included in the card envelope each customer receives at the tax desk.

Are there scenarios where a client is ineligible to get a card?

There are a few situations that would make an individual ineligible to open a Get It Card account, including:

  • If a client was listed on the OFAC list (the government’s watch lists)
  • If a client cannot pass the identification process
  • If a client does not have a valid US mailing address
  • If a client does not meet the minimum age requirement

We do NOT require CHEX systems verification or credit checks to open a Get It Card.

Can you use the Get It Card to pay bills?

Yes! The Get It Card can be used in several ways to pay bills for no additional fee. Customers can pay bills directly in-person everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted as well as over the phone and online. The Get It Card charges a $0.50 per bill pay transaction fee. The Get It Card cannot yet be used to set up recurring monthly payments originated from a third party biller.

Where can the card be used?

The Get It Card may be used everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.

What special transaction rules should the customer be aware of?

Certain types of merchants (car rental, hotels, gas stations) may place a temporary hold on funds to ensure payment, similar to other debit cards.

Can a client shop online with our card?


How does a customer get cash out of the account?

Get It Card cardholders may use their card to withdraw cash at tens of thousands of MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATMs coast to coast. Non-network withdrawals may incur a surcharge.

What happens if a client overdraws the account? What are the overdraft fees?

Since the Get It Card is not a checking account or a credit card, a cardholder cannot overdraw their account. Attempts to spend or withdraw more funds than are available will result in a Point Of Sale or ATM denial. Please note, certain merchants can force post transactions over the available balance on a card. However, unlike traditional bank accounts, no overdrafts charges will be incurred.

How does my client deposit money into the account?

Get It Card account holders can make free electronic direct deposits for payroll or government benefits. Deposits can also be made at Western Union<® locations, MoneyGram® locations or by using a Green Dot® MoneyPak®.

What are the methods my client can check on their account (see balance, review transactions)? How much will it cost?

Balance can be determined for free in the following methods:

  • IVR - 24x7
  • Online at - 24x7
  • Mobile** - by texting 'BL' to our short code, or by setting up free text or e-mail alerts.
**Standard text messaging rates from your wireless service provider may apply.

Cardholders can also check balances at any ATM for a $1.00 fee. Many ATMs will also display a balance with a cash withdrawal, and that balance display is available at no charge.

Coming soon, cardholders will also be able to download the Get It Card app to their mobile phone for mobile access to their account.

What happens if my client loses their card?

As soon as they are aware that their card is missing, your client should call Advent Customer Service at 877.833.4818 or go into their online account to cancel the lost card and request a new card. There may be a fee associated with issuing a new card. See Cardholder Agreement for full list of fees.

When does the card become active? Can my client use it right away?

The Get It Card account is open when your client leaves your office. For security and privacy the account holder must call and activate their card and receive their unique PIN. Cards are active within 24 hours.

How soon can we expect funds to be deposited to the card? When will my client see money in the account?

Tax time deposits are made when received by the IRS or state agencies, and may be available sooner than the client would have received a paper check. State refunds can vary widely.

Next year, does my client keep the same Get It Card account?